Sustained Dialogue

Harold H. Saunders, A Public Peace Process: Sustained Dialogue to Transform Racial and Ethnic Conflicts (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1999; Palgrave paperback, 2001)

Chapter Five describes “The Dialogue Process.”
Chapter Six, “Sustained Dialogue: A Public Peace Process,” introduces and explains in depth the five-stage process.
Appendix A presents a four-page brochure written for community use, describing the five-stage process in brief and stating expected outcomes.
Appendix B presents the first SD users’ manual.
Chapter One “The Peace Process: A Conceptual Framework” places SD in this larger context.

Harold H. Saunders
, Politics Is about Relationship: A Blueprint for the Citizens’ Century (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005)

Introduction presents the “relational paradigm”—a new conceptual framework for studying and practicing politics. It moves away from the prevalent paradigm that focuses on political structures to focus on whole bodies politic to include citizens outside as well as those inside government. This mind-set shift is essential to the citizen seeing her/himself as a political actor capable of shaping change.


Harold H. Saunders, Politics Is about Relationship

Chapter Four is the fullest presentation of the concept of relationship. More detailed than the practitioner will need but useful in giving the practitioner a sense of the richness of the concept.


Harold H. Saunders, A Public Peace Process

Chapter Ten, “Evaluating Sustained Dialogue,” uses the multilevel peace process (see Chapter One) and the five-stage process (see Chapter Six) as frameworks for evaluation of the Inter-Tajik Dialogue (see Chapter Seven).


Harold H. Saunders, A Public Peace Process

Chapter Seven presents experience in the Inter-Tajik Dialogue through its first five years, organizing the account to illustrate the five-stage SD process.

Randa M. Slim and Harold H. Saunders, “Managing Conflict in Divided Societies: Lessons from Tajikistan" (Negotiation Journal, January 1996, pp. 31-46.)

Armenia-Azerbaijan-Nagorno Karabakh

Muslim Arab World and the West

SD and Democratic Development

SD and Economic Development

SD on Campus

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